List of the Reclaim Power info meetings, planning meetings, and
spokes councils, please forward widely.

Info meetings (introduction to the action aims, consensus and plan, how to get involved and start organising).

Every morning at every convergence space. Ask the people around you – if there isn‘t one happening, then organize it!

Block meetings (to organise the different blocks in the action)

Bike Block @ Candy Factory

Fix your bike 12-3pm Monday 14th
Planning and action training 3pm 14th & 15th

Green Block @ Ragnhildgade

Planning meeting at 3pm on the 14th.

Blue Block @ Ragnhildgade

Planning meeting at 4pm on the 14th

Peoples Assembly @ Folketshus

Planning meeting at 4pm on the 14th

Reclaim Power spokes council (two spokes from each block, working group, and large affinity groups to share info, coordinate plans and make decisions if neccesary. All welcome to attend, but recomended that only spokes participate in discussions)

Monday 14th, 8pm @ Ragnhildgade
Tuesday 15th, 7pm @ Ragnhildgade