Nearly 2,000 signatures in less than 24 hours: International petition demands
‘Release Tadzio Mueller and the other climate prisoners!’

Press Release for Immediate Release

Thursday, December 17 2009

15.00 hours

Copenhagen, Denmark

In response to the arrest of Climate Justice Action spokesperson Tadzio Mueller, as
well as over a thousand others taking part in protests around the UN Climate
Conference in Copenhagen, hundreds of academics, journalists and members of civil
society have signed an Open Letter of protest to the Danish Parliament.

Signatories include: Naomi Klein (author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine); Rebecca
Solnit (author of A Paradise Built in Hell); Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri (authors
of the books Empire, Multitude, and Commonwealth); Christine Buchholz, Ulla Jelpke
and Alexander Ulrich (Left Party Members of the German Bundestag); Halina Wawzyniak
and Katja Kipping (Left Party Members of the German Bundestag and Deputy Leaders of
the Left Party, Germany); Gabriele Zimmer (MEP, Left Party, Germany); Jan Philipp
Albrecht (MEP, Green Party, Germany); Frieder Otto Wolf (former German Green Party
MEP); Gesine Agena (Spokeswoman, Green Party Youth, Germany); Walden Bello (Member of
Congress, Philippines); Olivier Besancenot (New Anti-Capitalist Party, France);
Lindsey German (Convenor, Stop the War Coalition UK); Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper);
Elke Steven (Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy, Germany); Wu Ming (authors of
Q and Manituana); Peer Stolle (Management Board of the Republikanischer Anwaeltinnen-
und Anwaelteverein); Moema Miranda (coordinator, The Brazilian Institute of Social
and Economic Analysis – IBASE); Susan George (Honorary President Attac France);
artists Adrian Ghenie and Danica Phelps; Jimmy McGovern (screenwriter); and the NGO
network Friends of the Earth International.

The Open Letter was drafted by Turbulence: Ideas for Movement, a magazine of which
Tadzio Mueller is a co-editor. Ben Trott, from Turbulence, and a signatory of the
Open Letter said, “Tadzio is one of a number of prominent activists who’ve been
singled out by the Danish police for their out-spoken criticism of the UN Climate
Summit. He’s long been sceptical about any kind of decent deal being reached in
Copenhagen. As the meeting starts to draw towards a close, it looks like that was
well-placed. Silencing the voices of those who say that space is needed for a genuine
discussion of real and just solutions to the climate crisis is looking increasingly

Emma Dowling, a lecturer in Ethics, Governance and Accountability at the University
of London, and another signatory, said, “People from all over the world have signed
the petition. This shows how far-reaching the outrage is about the policing of the
Copenhagen summit and the obvious attacks on critical voices.”

Ulla Jelpke, Member of the German Parliament, added: “Every international summit in
the last few years is overshadowed by repression and police-brutality against
demonstrators. But it is the democratic right of every single person affected by the
efforts of those summits to protest and to demand alternatives. All those who have
been arrested should be released immediately and without charge.”

The full text of the Open Letter reads as follows:

“Release Tadzio Mueller and the other climate prisoners!

“Over the past week, tens of thousands of people from across the planet have taken to
the streets of Copenhagen demanding real and just solutions to climate change. But on
the streets, as well as inside the UN Climate Change Conference, delegates and
‘outsiders’ alike are doubting that the conference will reach a deal that isn’t a
disaster for most of the world.

“Inside the Bella Centre, where the UN delegates are meeting, numerous critical
voices have been marginalised through technical and procedural manoeuvres. Others,
like Friends of the Earth International, have had their accreditation revoked.
Outside, the policing of protest has been consistently draconian and occasionally

“On Saturday 12 December, almost 1,000 participants in a ‘Climate March’ through
Copenhagen were arrested. On Monday 14 December, hundreds more were arrested at a
party in the city’s Christiania district following a public meeting, addressed by
Canadian journalist Naomi Klein and others. On Tuesday 15 December, Tadzio Mueller, a
spokesperson for Climate Justice Action, was arrested by undercover police officers
following a press conference at the Bella Centre.

“This morning, on Wednesday 16 December, Tadzio appeared before a judge on a number
of charges relating to his public support for today’s Reclaim Power demonstration.
The declared aim of Reclaim Power – also supported by social movements, many
conference delegates and other civil society actors – is to hold a People’s Assembly
at the Bella Centre, to discuss real solutions to climate change. At this morning’s
court hearing the judge decided to hold Tadzio for a further three days, after which
he will reappear in court. There are reports that the hearing was closed to the public.

“Meanwhile, hundreds more protesters have been arrested today and there have been
numerous reports of police brutality and the extensive use of batons, pepper spray
and tear gas. We have also heard of further arrests of individual activists by
undercover police officers.

“We, the undersigned, not only lend our support to those in Copenhagen seeking to
push for real and just solutions to climate change, but also demand the following:

· The immediate release of Tadzio Mueller and all other climate prisoners;

· A halt to the criminalisation and intimidation of activists, including the
pre-emptive detaining of protesters in Copenhagen;

· The immediate re-instatement of accreditation withdrawn from NGOs and other
critical voices at the Climate Summit

“This Open Letter was drafted by the editors of Turbulence: Ideas for Movement, of
which Tadzio Mueller is an editor.”


Notes to the editor

1) The Open Letter can be found online, here: or via

2) The authors of the Open Letter, Turbulence: Ideas for Movement, can be contacted
at: or via 0044 7887527650

3) Climate Justice Action’s website is: Their media
contact details are: (tel.) 00 45 50 66 90 28, (email)