The movement for climate justice has been met with massive police repression on both December the 12th and the 16th: attacks on legal demonstrations, preventive mass arrests, illegal raids on private homes and accommodation spaces, an extensive use of pepper spray, and imprisonment of political activists. This is not only a criminalisation of Climate Justice Action but also an attempt to criminalise all legitimate and popular movements, not only in Denmark but in the whole world.

The arrests of CJA spokespersons during the last couple of days are an attempt to conceal the fact that the COP-process are leading to nowhere, that the global South are still being ignored, and that the COP15 won’t lead to any viable solutions to the climate catastrophe. The politicians can remove CJA spokespersons, but CJA won’t stop speaking.

While the COP process ignores the global South, movements that make common cause with their fight for climate justice are being criminalised.

CJA intend to act on climate policies, but the politicians force us to fight for universal rights of freedom like the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly.

Communiqué from the Climate Justice Action meeting at Ragnhildsgade, Copenhagen, December the 17th