Camp for Climate Action in Australia will be held from December 1-5 at Bayswater Power Station (near Muswellbrook in New South Wales, not far from Newcastle). Bayswater (coal-fired) Power Station is Australia’s biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The NSW government has given approval to build two new Bayswater-sized coal-fired power stations, one next to the existing Bayswater Power Station, and one next to the existing Mt Piper Power Station in Lithgow (northern NSW), as well as approving an equivalent expansion of Eraring coal-fired power station south of Newcastle. There is a huge amount of opposition to coal mining and burning in the Hunter Valley due to health effects, effects on rivers, destruction of Aboriginal sites as well as the risk of catastrophic climate change. We will be holding Climate Camp at Bayswater to say no to coal expansion and no to climate change – not just through words, but through actions.

The camp will involve workshops, sustainable living and both mass and decentralised direct action at the power station.

You can check out the website at It will be updated over time as we get closer to the date.