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Activists found guilty in Ratcliffe coal climate trial

Twenty climate activists who planned to shut down one of Britain’s most polluting power stations for a week were found guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass today.

The activists were among 114 people arrested in a dawn raid on Easter Monday last year in a widely criticised policing operation that saw officers smashing their way into a school in Nottingham. It was the biggest pre-emptive arrest in British history. Twenty of those arrested faced a crown court trial which opened last month and ended today. The activists openly accepted they wanted to force plant owners Eon to safely shut down the power station for a week in an effort to stop 150,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere – but they said they weren’t guilty of a crime because they were acting out necessity due to the lack of an adequate response to climate change by corporations and politicians. This comes as the 16th UN Climate Change talks end in Cancun, where once again governments have failed to build a legally binding strategy to cut emissions.

Masseningewahrsamnahme während COP15 für illegal erklärt

Kopenhagener Gericht erklärt Massenverhaftungen während COP15 für illegal

Das Kopenhagener Stadtgericht entschied heute, dass die gesamten Massenverhaftungen während des Kopenhagener Klimagipfels 2009 illegal waren und die Polizei 9000 dänische Kronen Schadensersatz an die Protestierenden zahlen muss, die bislang Beschwerde eingereicht haben. Das Urteil erklärt all präventiven Festnahmen vom 11. bis zum 16. Dezember 2009 für illegal. Das Handeln der Polizei im Rahmen der COP15 wird damit vom Gericht nicht akzeptiert.